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Array Pros is a brand experiential marketing agency specializing in Multi-Cam Array's and 360° video photo activations to connect brands with customers. Our activations focus on building a lasting connection with event attendees and a specific brand. All of our activations are completely custom and brandable from the exterior to the email and rendered file. 


Our team caters to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence and uniqueness. We have been in the marketing and events industry for over 8 years and offer many services like custom signage printing, custom backdrops ranging from step & repeats, custom fabrication, and green screen to social sharing, custom microsites, online galleries, and analytics. If you have a unique vision, please reach out and we would be happy to bring it to life. 

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NUBOXX Ust Grand Opening
Setup: The Array inside boxing ring

EgyptAir IAD-CAI Inaugural
Setup: Mini Array w/ custom curved backdrop

Squash On Fire
Setup: The Array 

FCL Builders Charity Golf Tournament
Setup: The Array w/ Custom Step & Repeat and Custom Signage Printing

The XL Array is the largest of the 180° multi-cam array setups. Great for shooting large production backdrop or cars. Equipped with 25 cameras, it offers the ultimate multi-cam bullet time effect experience.

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The 360 Array is always a "WOW" factor at any event. Seen on tv, movies, and The White House Correspondents' Association Dinner events, this setup is equipped with 40 cameras on a 20ft diameter circle truss. It captures a 360° freeze moment in time from multiple angles simultaneously. 

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The 360 Video Array is a photo activation that revolves a DSLR camera, capturing a 360° view around a central stationary section where guest stand. The video then renders into an awesome slow-motion video. This setup is available in both floor and ceiling revolving arm.   

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The Array is the original activation that started it all. Our most sought-after activation, this setup is equipped with 15 cameras and is perfect for shooting large groups and custom backdrops. 

THE Array Pros Logo.png

The Mini Array is the smallest of the array line up. Equipped with 9 cameras, this setup is great for small events or venues only requiring an 8x10 space.  

MINI Array Pros Logo.png
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UMD Alumni - Economics

Esteban Soto-Daza


Harold Ortega

Creative Director

UMD Alumni - Architecture

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